Step 1 – login

Log in to SmartRecruiters with admin rights.

Step 2 – open settings

Go into the settings and open the “Job Fields” page

Step 3 – create/edit custom field

If you already have a custom field with the name “Product” use the edit option, otherwise use “Add Field” to create a new custom field

The custom field has to have the name “Product”, Type “Single select”, Category “Job” and Visibility “Public”. Add all values below to the “Field values”.

  • Select
  • Select Brand
  • Select Plus
  • Select Plus Brand
  • Pro
  • Pro Plus
  • Pro Ultimate
  • Pro XXL
  • Pro Campus

Step 4 – choose product via dropdown

Now the desired product can be selected via dropdown in step 2 of 5

Updated on 30.07.2121

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