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Categories are numerical metadata used to categorise a job within the StepStone database. They cover different fields. Our categorisation system currently consists of the following fields:

  • <workfield> – represents the job functions such as Marketing Manager, Electrician, Secretarial etc. Multiple workfield values are allowed in a single offer as listings may cover more than one function.
  • <geography> – represents location of the job, both countries and their regions are included for all StepStone countries,
  • <sector> – describes a particular company’s or job’s sector such as IT & Internet, Public Services or Wholesale and Retail Trade,
  • <contracttype> – represents the type of contract such as a Permanent contract with an unspecified time duration, Temporary, Freelance etc.
  • <worktype> – states whether the job is full time or part time,
  • <experience> – represents the experience level that is expected from the candidate.

Each category is represented by a numerical value. These values can be found in StepStone widgetlists. They are implemented on a per country basis. However within one country, the same values can be used regardless of the listing’s language. Current versions of StepStone widget lists can be found here.

Both workfield and geography categories are structured in a hierarchical manner. In these cases, values of the highest level should not be used (they will be ignored by our system) as more precise information can be passed to our system.

In case you want to use categories please add a main node <categorization> per listing with xpath /jobfeed/joblisting/categorization.
You can find examples of StepStone categorization consistent with the StepStone XML format below:


<joblisting reference_id="123456ABCD" sender_id="12345" organisation_id="321" recruiter_id="12345">
        <workfield id="1003000">
        <workfield id="1012000">
        <sector id="21000">
        <contracttype id="224">
        <worktype id="80001">
        <experience id="90002">


<joblisting reference_id="123456ABCD" sender_id="12345" organisation_id="321" recruiter_id="12345">
        <sector id="31002">
        <worktype id="80001">
        <experience id="90002">


<joblisting reference_id="123456ABCD" sender_id="12345" organisation_id="321" recruiter_id="12345">
        <workfield id="7004000">
        <geography id="353">
        <sector id="24000">
        <contracttype id="222">
        <worktype id="80001">
        <experience id="90002">

Widget list

Channel Language Download
AT DE widgets_at_at_utf-8
BE DE widgets_be_de_utf-8
BE EN widgets_be_en_utf-8
BE FR widgets_be_fr_utf-8
BE NL widgets_be_nl_utf-8
DE DE widgets_de_de_utf-8
FR FR widgets_fr_fr_utf-8
LU EN widgets_lu_en_utf-8
NL NL widgets_nl_nl_utf-8
ZA EN widgets_za_en_utf-8
PL PL widgets_pl_pl_utf-8
PL EN widgets_pl_en_utf-8

Quality checking

In order to ensure quality and performance of the listings that appear on our sites, each listing is verified by the StepStone Quality Check. The role of the StepStone Quality Check is to verify and fix categorisation. It is important to note that based on feed configuration, it may happen that the UPDATE action won’t change categorisation.

Updated on 16.06.2020

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