Terms of Use

1. Scope

By using our website and services, you accept the following Terms of Use. The Stepstone Group EMEA GmbH, Völklinger Straße 1, 40219 Düsseldorf (“Stepstone” or “we”) has these Terms of Use that govern the contractual relationship (hereinafter called the “Agreement”) between Stepstone and the users of this website (“User(s)” or “you”). The Agreement covers all content and services offered on https://api.stepstone.com/ and https://developer.atsi-apply.com/ (“platform”).

2. Purpose of this platform

This platform contains general and technical information about Stepstone’s API services and their integration. For the purchase of these services, you may be referred to the respective The Stepstone Group websites. If you require additional information on the services, you may also contact us via the contact form on this platform. For information on how we process your personal data while using this platform, please read our privacy statement.

3. Intellectual Property and other informational rights

This platform contains many types of data, links, code, and other information, which are protected by the applicable laws, in particular intellectual property laws. It is not permitted to crawl, download, copy, or distribute this platform in whole or in part unless. However, we do permit you to make technical copies for the purposes of reading or browsing, and you may also make permanent copies for your personal use. Where we provide code, e.g., API-code, the use of this code is permitted within the limits of the applicable laws, contracts that we have concluded with you, or instructions that have been made available to you or the public. Legal provisions that give you the right to use the content of this platform, in particular press and copyright law, remain unaffected. Any content that you provide to us will be processed in accordance with your request and may be reproduced, distributed within The Stepstone Group, and stored for the purpose of processing your request (“processing”). If you wish to restrict this processing or if the content that you provide to us contains confidential information, you are obliged to inform Stepstone when transmitting your content. A restriction of the processing of transmitted content can also be communicated to Stepstone in writing after the transmission of the content, and Stepstone will implement this restriction as far as possible. However, a subsequently communicated restriction does not constitute an illegality of the previous processing.


Downloads shall be entirely at your own risk. We shall not be liable for any damage that may result from the download, installation, storage, or use of software or content from our platform not due to our fault. Although we use state-of-the-art anti-virus programs, any liability for damage or disturbance of functionality caused by viruses or worms is excluded to the extent permitted by the applicable law.

5. Content

We are liable for the content on our platform to the extent that this is governed by the applicable law. However, we do not accept any liability for the accuracy, completeness, suitability for a particular purpose, or currency of the information published.

If you follow a link and leave our platform, the content of such other website is beyond our control and influence. We do not accept liability for this. If it comes to our attention that links published on our platform contain illegal content, we will disable the link after investigation and verification of its illegality. Please note that the terms of use and privacy statements of such linked sites differ from the Terms of Use and Privacy Statement of our platform. Therefore, you should read and comply with the privacy statements and terms of use posted on linked sites.

7. Attachments, Content

You must not send us any attachments that contain worms or viruses. Personal details provided to Stepstone should not contain sensitive personal information according to Art. 9 GDPR. You must not send us defamatory or slanderous information and must not infringe the rights of third parties, contravene official regulations, or breach public policy (“Illegal Content”). Please note that you shall undertake to indemnify us against all claims made against us as a consequence of your failure to prevent Illegal Content appearing in any information you provide.

8. Rights Reserved by Stepstone

Stepstone does not warrant that the services offered on its platform are available at certain or all times. Disturbances, interruptions, or a possible breakdown of the online service cannot be excluded by StepStone. Systematic backups of the servers are carried out regularly. In so far as you transfer data to Stepstone – regardless of type – we recommend that you store safety backup copies of your data. We reserve the right to change, extend, limit, or withdraw our services or to delete data without notice at any time. You have no right to claim publication.

9. Miscellaneous

You use the Internet at your own risk. We have no liability for any downtimes on our platform caused by technical problems or access to the Internet. This agreement and its interpretation shall be governed by the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. The exclusive place of jurisdiction is Düsseldorf, Germany. However, if you are a consumer within the meaning of article 6 (2) of regulation (EC) no 593/2008, this choice of law may not deprive you of the protection granted by mandatory provisions under the law that would have been applicable (in the absence of a choice of law). We reserve the right to amend these Terms of Use from time to time. The invalidity or incompleteness of any individual provision of these Terms of Use will not affect the validity of the remaining terms.