1. Response


The interface give a response that will contain the following parameters:

  • senderid – StepStone’s internal company id that the listing was posted against
  • organisationid – StepStone’s internal user id that the listing was posted under
  • reference – customer reference number, these values have to be unique within the same senderid
  • listingid – StepStone’s internal listing id, only numerical values will be returned
  • listingexpiration – date when the listing will expire.
  • action – the type of request that was processed; possible values are INSERT, UPDATE, IGNORE or OFFLINE
  • status – a status message
  • statustcode – numerical code of the status, please take a look on Error codes page how to handle these codes
  • warningcode – numerical code of possible warnings (optional)
  • contract_endDate – the end date of the contract, not always returned
  • contract_credits – credits remaining on the contract, not always returned

Example responses:

Plain text response (xmlresponse parameter set to false):


XML response (xmlresponse parameter set to true):


If you got a listing id in response from our service you can easy create a direct link to the specific offer.

listingid = 123456

Use static jobboard (depending on value provided in node ) in link and add listingid value in URL parameter:
AT = https://www.stepstone.at/5/index.cfm?event=offerView.dspOfferInline&offerId=123456
BE = https://www.stepstone.be/5/index.cfm?event=offerView.dspOfferInline&offerId=123456
DE = https://www.stepstone.de/5/index.cfm?event=offerView.dspOfferInline&offerId=123456
FR = https://www.stepstone.fr/5/index.cfm?event=offerView.dspOfferInline&offerId=123456
NL = https://www.stepstone.nl/5/index.cfm?event=offerView.dspOfferInline&offerId=123456
ZA = https://www.pnet.co.za/5/index.cfm?event=offerView.dspOfferInline&offerId=123456